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HealAdvisor Search

HealAdvisor Search®*

Your Personal Guide to Fitness, Well-being and Holistic Health!

A modular system for your health
Using our expert databases, you can quickly and easily find the right Healy frequency programs for you. New recommendations of frequency programs supporting life goals, balance and well-being are continuously being added to the HealAdvisor Cloud, an AI (Artificial Intelligence) -based module that is constantly expanded with the latest knowledge about frequencies!

HealAdvisor Search** quickly and easily finds the right Healy frequency programs for you!

There are constantly new recommendations of frequency programs added to the HealAdvisor Cloud for your life goals and well-being!

The HealAdvisor Cloud is an AI (Artificial Intelligence) module that is constantly expanded with the latest knowledge about frequencies!

The Heart and the Brain of the System:

The HealAdvisor Expert Database

It describes the complex relationships among
General Health Chakras Substances
Challenges Meridians Food
Emotions Organs*** Well-being
HealAdvisor Search is an intelligent networked system based on AI (Artificial Intelligence). It finds a suitable Healy frequency program for (almost) every search query you make and also provides you with other helpful information.
Its self-learning algorithms process the queries and data into optimized search results that over time become more and more accurate.

Intelligent Analysis and Search – Reliable Recommendations

HealAdvisor Search identifies the topics that are relevant for you and finds frequency programs that support your bioenergetic balance.

Individual Requests to Experts From Within the App

In the rare case that HealAdvisor Search cannot immediately provide a solution, you can make an individual request to the experts of the HealAdvisor Network directly from within the app.

Find Your Practitioner

Based on what your questions and concerns are, HealAdvisor lets you search for practitioner​s who might help you.

* HealAdvisor® is a trademark of Healy International AG

** Your subscription will auto-renew monthly. You can cancel your subscription prior to the date it renews to avoid being charged for the next month.

*** Frequencies recommended to energetically balance your organs are based on Traditional Chinese Medicine. Healy frequencies are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.