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Unhealthy Cell vs. Healthy Cell

close up diagram of an unhealthy cell

Healy is designed to help you to restore a healthy cell membrane tension.

Health begins in the cells. Specifically, with Healthy Cell Membrane Tension. According to the model by the two researchers Robert O. Becker and Bjorn Nordenstrom (former chairman of the Nobel  Prize Commission), disrupted cell membrane tension is one of the causes for almost all acute and chronic illnesses.

Fine currents flow permanently in our cells and our entire bodies at various frequencies. According to the above model, cell membrane tension can decrease with increasing age and in the event of illness. This process can lead to pain, inflammation and even to cell-death.

With the right currents and frequencies, Healy is designed to counteract this process and if necessary, even reverse it.

We don’t know why certain cells or tissues or problems resonate at a certain frequency, but we can measure them and replicate them, and thus replicate the desired effects. There are so many frequencies to choose from, it’s difficult to know which ones are healthy and which ones are damaging. Beyond that, each person is unique, and likely needs a slightly different set of frequencies to attain the effect they seek. There are many ways to deliver frequency to the body, some lay on the ground to provide an umbrella effect that protects individuals from all the external frequencies around us and provides us with necessary electrons that reduce inflammation.

This is why the Healy device is so profound. It takes the guesswork out of the equation and senses what program your body needs and provides real-time adjustments based on how your body is responding to that program.

The appropriate cellular voltage of a cell should be around -70 mV to ensure a proper electrochemical grid that helps facilitate electron transfer and for cells to function properly at a normal rate. Electrons provide a negative charge and when there is not enough electron availability, chemical processes get stuck, which is generally around -40 mV where pain, inflammation, arthritis, and at -15 mV, cancer begins to thrive.

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