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The Healy Skin program is available as part of the device bundled programs on the HOLISTIC HEALTHHOLISTIC HEALTH PLUS, and the HEALY RESONANCE models but you can also purchase this program individually to add to your GOLD model!

Wounds can occur anywhere inside and outside our bodies. An external violent, accidental, or targeted action leads to an injury, which can manifest itself in a separation of the tissue or the destruction of the skin, mucous membrane, or organs. Using Healy, you can provide bio-energetic support for a wide range of abrasions, cuts, bruises, and surgical wounds during regeneration, as well as disease-related wounds resulting from a lack of blood circulation.

Acne mainly occurs on the face of the affected person. In addition to the external “flaw”, there is usually also pain. The inner conflict, which can be a mental imbalance or possible food intolerance, is literally written on the face of the affected person. Healy should offer you the right bio-energetic support for damaged skin.

If an injury does not heal smoothly, scar tissue develops and can act as a source of disturbance. An untreated scar can cause a variety of sometimes serious complaints, which can strain both the body and the soul of the affected person. In our experience, scars can trigger or aggravate chronic pain, osteoarthritis, hormone disorders, limited mobility, depression, allergies, fatigue, and neurological disorders. It can be observed that the disorder rarely occurs directly in the scar area, but instead in the weakest part of the body.

The recommended usage for each of the programs listed is once daily.

Supports the cells through local stimulation
Duration: 60 minutes

Bioenergetic stimulation of the cell metabolism
Duration: 30 minutes

Bioenergetic promotion of toxin transport
Duration: 60 minutes

Balancing energetic interference fields in scars
Duration: 60 minutes

Local stimulation of scar tissue
Duration: 20 minutes