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The Deep Cycle programs are available in the HOLISTIC HEALTHHOLISTIC HEALTH PLUS, and the HEALY RESONANCE. The Deep Cycle programs are in daily use in the Uno Vita – Klinik for Integrert Medisin (Integrated Medicine) in Oslo, Norway, and many of its clients use them at home too. The Deep Cycle programs are a variation and further development of the esteemed Nuno Nina Gold Cycle programs and can be very well combined with them. The development of the Deep Cycle programs is the result of Jan Fredrik Poleszynski’s experience in microcurrent frequency therapy since 2009 and is closely connected to the integrative thinking of Nuno Nina and his Gold Frequency sets. The Deep Cycle programs have a special position in applications in the bio-energetic field and are generally more comprehensive than the Gold Cycle programs.

The systemic therapy by Nuno Nina and the Deep Cycle programs belong to alternative medicine and represent a bio-energetic balancing.

In his clinic for integrated medicine in Oslo, Jan Fredrik Poleszynski treats several clients with chronic fatigue or impaired cell metabolism. Clients with chronic health problems use other additional programs, such as CLEAN ALL, along with a more concrete program like DIGEST ALL, if they still have digestive issues after a longer period of applications., If the digestion issues are directly linked to stress, PURE CALM can be helpful for bio-energetic balancing.

The Deep Cycle programs work on various levels and should not be used in the beginning. You need to gradually adjust to this frequency application.

Preparing for the Deep Cycle Programs
There are three programs that can be used in preparation for the Deep Cycle programs: FIRST APPLICATION, SECOND APPLICATION, and THIRD APPLICATION. The FIRST APPLICATION aims to gently touch the biofield, softly and bio-energetically stimulate the kidneys and lungs and induce relaxation and balance. Furthermore, the program includes frequencies that should bio-energetically reduce sensitivity to electromagnetic and chemical stimuli.

Most clients feel calmer and more balanced after using this program. Usually, the clients react gently to the application. In case the bio-energetic detoxification process is too strong and unpleasant, continue with the program FIRST APPLICATION until the symptoms decrease.

The SECOND APPLICATION works in almost the same way as the first, however, it is longer and more intense. If it is well-tolerated, you can begin with the THIRD APPLICATION. The THIRD APPLICATION is more powerful and comprehensive. It includes everything that has been used up to now and induces the next level. The THURD APPLICATION aims to bio-energetically stimulate the detox process even more and helps to integrate the heart on the energetical level. The heart and blood system often need support after a series of applications so that the changes in the body can be applied. Now is the time for deep work and focus on the energetic sources. The main causes should be worked on, as well as bio-energetic pH regulation (kidneys and lungs).

The other Deep Cycle programs are designed for subsequent use after completion of the described preparation of the first 3-9 basic bio-energetic applications (kidneys, lung, detox, relaxation, and general acceptance for frequency applications). A suitable next step could be KIDNEY ALL (for alternatives, please see below), which goes even deeper and includes the bio-energetically related organs and issues as well as the sexual organs, divided into KIDNEY ALL FEMALE and KIDNEY ALL MALE. This program can be applied if you are a “kidney person”, which means the kidney issue is more dominant than those of the other organ systems (lungs, etc.). If you are a “lung person” (including breast issues), you would choose BREATH OF LIFE.

Application of the Deep Cycle Programs
All programs are designed to have a balancing effect on the energetic field. In addition, one should always bear in mind that one’s own active participation in the therapy, as well as one’s own positive intention, can have a very positive influence on the effect of the programs, the reason being that, according to Jan Fredrik Poleszynski’s experience, it is possible for our mind to influence matter. In this way, the positive effects of the frequencies can have an energetic effect more easily.

Short Descriptions of the Deep Cycle Programs
Below are short descriptions of the Deep Cycle programs. However, you should not feel limited by these descriptions, because the programs offer many more possibilities on an energetic level.

According to Jan Fredrik Poleszynski’s experience, clients go through certain cycles during applications. There are daily, weekly, and monthly cycles as well as the classic application cycles like energetic detoxification, support of key organ systems, and working with the energetic root cause. It can, therefore, be very helpful to find out in which “cycle” you currently are so that you can select the appropriate program.

Preparatory Programs
When: At the first application to establish a connection and to get a feeling for the frequency application
Body: The kidneys and lungs should be energetically stimulated, hypersensitivity can be reduced and balance should increase
Affirmation and intention: Feel good and be touched
Duration: 42 minutes

When: At the second application, unless the first application was too sensitive
Body: The kidneys and lungs should be energetically stimulated, hypersensitivity should be reduced and balance should continue to increase
Affirmation and intention: My journey has begun
Duration: 42 minutes

When: As soon as you’re ready for a more intensive application
Body: Kidneys, lungs, heart, and an accelerated energetic detoxification
Affirmation and intention: Powerful waves of change are coming to me
Duration: 39 minutes

The Deep Cycle Programs
When: There are energetic issues associated with lungs and their surrounding organs, including breast and surrounding tissue, along with feelings related to weakness and depression
Body: Lungs and all energetic afflictions in the surrounding area
Affirmation and intention: My breath is a reflection of the breath of the universe
Duration: 52 minutes

When: Appropriate for follow-up after detoxification as an energetic support for all detoxification pathways. It is advisable to include this program in a sequence of applications, as any release on any level of the system often causes a need for detoxification. To release old toxins from the energetic body and mind.
Body: Complete energetic detoxification of various systems, such as kidneys, lungs, liver, digestive system, lymph, and circulation system
Affirmation and intention: My body is pure, I feel comfortable in it
Duration: 59 minutes

When: Recommendable with digestive issues that block further progress (e.g., if stomach issues continue even after stress is reduced and the kidneys work well). For this program, the adhesive electrodes can be used as an alternative to bracelet electrodes. They should be placed at the level of the ankle on the front side of the foot acupuncture point ST 42.
Body: Intestines, stomach, pancreas, gallbladder
Affirmation and intention: I accept my past, digest and integrate it
Duration: 48 minutes

When: Only use when the symptoms have subsided and the recovery process has begun. All essential bodily functions should work normally. The energetic causes on the mental level, emotional patterns and biochemical processes associated with these levels will now be addressed. This program is suitable as the conclusion of a series of applications.
Body: Intestines, stomach, pancreas, gallbladder
Affirmation and intention: I feed my roots and grow into a strong tree
Duration: 47 minutes

When: To energetically support the circulation and the supply of oxygen to the cells. It is suitable for use after basic kidney and lung balancing, as well as for general energetic stiffness and circulatory imbalance. In addition to supporting the circulation, it can bio-energetically promote muscle relaxation.
Body: Intestines, stomach, pancreas, gallbladder
Affirmation and intention: Movement, blood flow and circulation are powerful
Duration: 42 minutes

When: In case of injuries or after operations, of an energetic regeneration is desired. It should energetically stimulate bone recovery. Also suitable for athletes.
Body: Bones, skin, tendons, vessels, nerves, muscles, and DNA
Affirmation and intention: Everything is restored, pain is temporary
Duration: 45 minutes

When: When it is necessary to energetically support kidneys or kidney energy and promote their ability to regulate (electrolytes, pH and the like), or for any symptom that originates from the “superior organ” and manifests itself in the “subordinate organ”, such as energetic problems with the bladder, urinary system, ovaries, and vagina, menstruation with women or prostate and impotence with men. This program aims to bio-energetically support the kidneys and the sexual organs for men and women. The acupuncture point K5 to K6 (below the ankle on the inside of the foot) is suitable for electrode placement. K5 to K6 (or SP6) are close to the tinial nerve, which can also be indirectly stimulated.
Caution: Do not use SP6 or K5-K6 stimulation during bleeding, which also includes menstruation.
Body: Kidney, adrenals, bladder, urinary system, ovaries, genitals, prostate and related bio-energetic problems
Affirmation and intention: My energy flows freely
Duration KIDNEY ALL FEMALE: 49 minutes
Duration: KIDNEY ALL MALE: 52 minutes

When: It should contribute to inner peace, emotional and spiritual balance.
Body: Energetic Muscle relaxation. The other parts of the program are intended to support the non-physical aspects of life
Affirmation and intention: I’m connected to everything
Duration: 39 minutes