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The Healy Beauty program is available as part of the device bundled programs on the HOLISTIC HEALTH PLUS and the HEALY RESONANCE models but you can also purchase this program individually to add to your HOLISTIC HEALTH and GOLD models!

The skin, being the outer covering of our body, forms the physical boundary between the inner and outer world. It is our largest organ, fulfilling many vital functions. It is not only a respiratory, metabolic and protective organ in one, but also a visible “showpiece” representing beauty, youthfulness, and health., The outer beauty is decisively influenced by the inner beauty, which is influenced by factors such as intestinal health, inner balance, and bliss.

Nuno Nina’s experience in bio-energetically supporting inner balance and relaxation as well as his expertise in defining the appropriate frequencies for sustainable bioenergetic support of the skin have been integrated into the Healy Beauty programs.

The recommended usage for each of the programs listed is once daily.

Supporting the coherence and expression of the energetic field
Duration: 45 minutes

Bioenergetic stimulation of the follicles
Duration: 60 minutes

Bioenergetic fostering of the epidermis
Duration: 60 minutes

Bioenergetic support of the cell organelles (i.e. the “organs” within the cell)
Duration: 57 minutes

Bioenergetic stimulation of the nail bed
Duration: 42 minutes

Bioenergetic promotion of the lymphatic system
Duration: 51 minutes